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Lajja brings you great selection of Mojaris, Sandals, Slip-ons, Slippers and lots more for trendy women of today. Trendy yet traditional, stylish yet comfortable, we have footwear’s for everyone. Indulge in your fashion craving with the hottest women’s footwear of the season. Find your comfort zone in women’s casual footwear or spruce things up with elegant women’s dress shoes. Fashionable Sandals, high heels, low heels, high fashion, multicolor embroidered majors, casuals for every taste, size, style, fashion, and budget, we have the widest selection of footwear for women. Our goal is to provide our customers with high fashion at very low prices.

From the last few years, ladies footwear is in revolution. These are not only available in comfortable and trendy as well as in ultimate style. Variety and new designs certainly attract the women. These shoes provide the best option for every woman whether she is working lady or a house wife. If you are mom with babies to take care of at home, then comfortable and flat new trendy shoes are perfect for you. If you are working woman and have to go on meeting to and other activities are the part of your duty, then your preference should be wide and you should choose short heel shoes. But for those who work in customer care or reception, can wear all stylish shoes with high or small heal. There is no limit of choice for her.

Uncomfortable shoes may slow down your daily performance. If your shoes are not fit in your feet, it can hurt and sore your feet and you can not perform your duties and responsibilities during the job timing. Such shoes can cause your tiredness. You should purchase shoes according to the shoes shape and design but also see the shoes style and look. Open and wide shoes are perfect for all uses and avoid wearing narrow shoes. It may crush your feet. Wide and comfortable shoes are perfect for house ladies and working ladies as well.

The 7 Golden Rules To Look After Your New Shoes

1) Waterproof your shoes - would you go out in the rain without an umbrella?! The same notion should be applied to your new shoes. Waterproofing your shoes protects them from water and helps prevent stains.

2) Clean your shoes after each wear - it is definitely worth it - clean, shiny shoes make the best first impression!

3) Use a shoe horn when putting on flats, high heels and court shoes - this will prevent you breaking the backs down.

4) Use shoe trees/non acid tissue paper to pad your shoes out with stuffing. This allows your shoes to retain their original shape.

5) Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on two consecutive days - this is also the perfect excuse to buy lots of shoes online!

6) Clean your shoes with a cleansing cream, dry them and then polish them with a soft cloth. You love your shoes and this will keep them looking just as pretty as they were when you first locked eyes on them.

7) Finally When storing your new shoes it's best for them to live in their original boxes to prevent them from being squashed. Or if you own too many shoes and will look like a warehouse with all of those shoe boxes we suggest you dedicate a whole room to your love of ladies shoes and continue to buy pretty heels and look after them with the simple 6 Golden Rules above!

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