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Bhawna Music is one of the finest Music Shop in bhilwara city, was established and started in 1987 by its owner Mr. Ajit Jain,Mr. Sujeet Jain And Mr. Kalu Lal Jain.

We have a wide range of Pen drives, Memory Cards, I Pod, CD’s, Music speakers and woofers,Home Theatres, CD and DVD begs, Remote Cell, Head Phone, Card Reader, DVD Players and complete collection of DJ.songs etc.

We also having a wide range of Latest Hollywood and bollywood Movies.

Hockey Club:

Located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan India, Bhilwara Hockey academy aims to be the premier hockey club of the India. With teams in starting-level competitions such as the District, State and National Level the opportunity for even the most accomplished player to improve with the assistance of a professional coaching team and management.

The Club has a comprehensive strategic plan covering coaching, umpiring, volunteer and player development for both senior and junior pathways, facilities development and professional financial and administrative management. It is one of the largest clubs in Rajasthan and we have 350 kids in it, but retains a friendly, healthy community focus.

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    • complete collection of DJ.songs
    • Pen drives Memory Cards I Pod CD’s Music speakers and woofers CD and DVD begs Remote Cell Head Phone Card Reader DVD Players etc Latest Hollywood and bollywood Movies Home Theatres